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Tae Yong

Production, Korea Plant, Sr. Director



I have been with the company for 25 years. I have experience in the production of numerous products of various designs with a variety of materials and moulds. In obtaining these valuable experiences, I became confident in my technical skills with which I could  produce high quality products. I have become one of the experts in production at Tupperware.


Even though I started as a moulding technician at Tupperware, I have been offered opportunities to learn how to manage Production in the Organization and I was appointed as Senior Director. It has led me to do my best in achieving company goals and it has made me what I am today. I also organised the TFT in achieving the minimum full change over time of mould (SMED) and received recognition as Tupperware World Wide Best.


I want to put all my efforts into making the Korea Plant a Center of Excellence with innovative technology, new product development, and highest productivity in the world. And furthermore, to create a good work environment where our colleagues feel proud of the Company.