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Humberto, Marketing


Years ago I heard about TECHO, a foundation committed to building decent housing for families who live in extreme poverty. I was immediately touched by this cause, and some years later I became Head of the Alliance for the Colombia project, and I can say that this experience really changed my life.
When I joined Tupperware and I heard about our mission to change people’s lives, I knew I could help more families through Tupperware.

My boss and Country manager were very receptive and supported the idea to helpthe people who lost their homes in the border conflict between Colombia and Venezuela.

We started communicating the initiative to the sales force, then with the sale of products in the catalogue the financial resources started coming in.

All associates and sales force members participated in the construction of houses, from the foundations to painting of walls, with effort and dedication. The excitement and satisfaction that we felt when families saw their new homes is indescribable, priceless!

And last but not least, once finished, Tupperware provided the families with a complete set of products to enjoy their new homes! Today I am proud to be a member of the Tupperware family and taking an active part in the change in our society.

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