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Global Health Initiative


Global Health Initiative

Our Global Health Initiative has its roots in a World Economic Forum that our Chairman and CEO, Rick Goings, attended in 2007. Goings, along with leaders from business, government and civil entities, responded to a call to action to strengthen the commitment to employee wellness in the workplace on a global scale.

At Tupperware Brands we aspire for all Associates and Sales Force members to focus on a healthy lifestyle that encompasses a focus on fitness, nutrition and health. The vision and goals of the Global Health Initiative align with our focus on a high-performance culture by safeguarding the health of our Associates as a key priority of the business. The end result will be an engaged, vibrant workforce that is energized to contribute to the growth of the business.

The Global Health Initiative began in March 2008 with a pilot program at our global headquarters in Orlando, Florida. We started with a survey to find out more about the needs and interests of our Associates. Using the feedback, we began to initiate changes to existing programs and introduce new healthy living opportunities. As a result, our Associates now enjoy extended gym hours, personal trainers and fitness classes at a fraction of what it would cost at a private gym. Walking/jogging maps are also available for those who want to enjoy our beautiful campus while they get fit and Associates are encouraged to participate in regularly scheduled on-campus 5k walk/runs. Healthy breakfast and lunch menus are offered in our cafeteria, with nutritional information listed with all meals. With the on-site Weight Watchers Program and Tupperware’s weight loss challenges, collectively, Associates have lost over 3,000 pounds! Because so many chronic diseases are linked to tobacco use, our headquarters campus became completely smoke-free. Smoking cessation classes are available to Associates and their dependents, and so far over 39% of those who were smokers have quit. Stress management seminars are another means of support and the optional chair massages are a popular stress relieving option.

In September 2008, the Global Health Initiative expanded beyond our headquarters and is now embraced across all of our brands and global markets. Each market has a local leader, a TupperFit Warrior, to represent and promote our Global Health Initiatives at the local level. The TupperFit Warriors champion this cause by motivating Associates in their local market to take part in any of a number of activities throughout the year intended to add value in the areas of personal fitness, health, and nutrition.

In 2012, fitness initiatives were centered around efforts to encourage our Associates to move more on a daily basis and included walking activities as well as Olympic-style competitive games. These activities help Associates become healthier while also encouraging valuable team building. Nutrition was showcased in the form of a ‘Salad Fest’ where Associates from around the world competed in salad- making contests and were encouraged to contribute fresh ingredients from their home gardens to show just how easy and fun it can be to create healthy salads.

Associates also helped raise public awareness and showed their support for the fight against breast cancer by participating in the global Pinktober event. During this event, many Associates organized walks, partnered with organizations to provide educational programs on breast cancer issues and incorporated the color pink in their attire.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Both Tupperware Brands headquarters and our Tupperware US manufacturing facility in Hemingway, South Carolina, have been awarded the prestigious designation of Platinum Fit-Friendly Worksites, a program sponsored by the American Heart Association (AHA). This program recognizes employers as Fit-Friendly Worksites for creating a culture of wellness in the workplace. Companies are rewarded for their progressive leadership and concern for their staff. Additionally, our headquarters also received the Worksite Innovation Award from the AHA.

Globally, our markets engaged in a number of additional Global Health Initiative projects in 2012. These included on-site medical services, health education, and various awareness projects.

Examples Include:

  • Eco Bikes introduced for Associate use (corporate headquarters)
  • Participation in local Corporate 5k event (corporate headquarters)
  • Regular blood drives (various markets)
  • Bailoterapia (Dance Therapy) was kicked off 2 times a week (Tupperware Venezuela)
  • Regular vision testing is available at no cost to Associates, on-site (Tupperware Manufacturing, South Africa)
  • Ergonomically designed furniture and no-charge medical consultations and medicines (Avroy Shlain Cosmetics)
  • Yoga and meditation and dance classes, plus free flu vaccines, weekly doctor’s visits to the office, and a pregnancy maintenance program (Tupperware CIS)
  • Created a team and participated in the Vienna relay marathon, with a finish of 3:49:09 (Tupperware Austria)