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Acting Responsibly

Tupperware Brands is a business built on relationships. It’s this connection that has enabled the growth of our business to reach 3.2 million independent Sales Force members.  Each member builds their own communities that come together to advance our vision of igniting a global community, especially women, to realize their best selves through opportunity, enrichment, celebration, and above all else, uplifting relationships.

The trust that is shared through our Sales Force is an extension of our ethical and responsible conduct that we have maintained for 70 years. This is reflected in the way we comply with the law, engage our Associates, manage our supply chain and maintain environmental stewardship.


Valuing our Planet

With all Tupperware products, there is an environmental promise. That’s because they last for years, they are recyclable when you no longer need them, they help you prepare food efficiently and yes, they make kitchen waste a thing of the past.  But that’s only half the story. The other half is how we make and deliver our Tupperware products, considering the environment at every step of the way. Even before a Tupperware product does its job in the home, it’s already helping reduce our environmental footprint on the planet.

Managing Risk

We evaluate the business risks in a quarterly Enterprise Risk Management program that involves senior leadership in key positions around our organization. In a thorough review of potential risk events and emerging risks, if any, the process identifies a list of most significant risks to the business and associated responses, which is then reviewed by our Board of Directors. Training and education in risk management is conducted for managers with responsibility for different functional areas or markets on a periodical basis.    

Ethical Sourcing

We seek out suppliers who share our values and meet our standards. We aim for long-term, positive, partnership-based relationships with our strategic suppliers around the world while setting an expectation for our 11,000+ suppliers of goods and services around the world to both respect and uphold our values. Our Supplier Code of Conduct binds suppliers to compliance, and adherence to ethical employment and environmental practices. Within our supply chain, we perform due diligence on new suppliers, including labor and environmental practices, asking suppliers to self-certify to our standards. We perform checks from time to time to ensure these standards are maintained. Where possible, we engage with our suppliers in initiatives to improve efficiencies in our product or packaging design and supply processes.