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Environmental Initiatives

Setting the Example Locally

Our global headquarters campus has set in place a number of initiatives that reflect our belief that taking care of the environment is a top priority and these initiatives will set an example within Tupperware Brands to ensure we create a better world for future generations.

Efforts Include:

  • New standards for eco-friendly construction. The introduction of the new Hamer Wilson Conference room, built in honor of a past international Tupperware president, set a new standard for future renovations. This conference room was constructed using sustainable building materials and with an all-digital, paperless focus, setting the tone for future projects.
  • A standard has been set for all new paints used in our headquarters campus buildings to be zero VOC.
  • We have completed a multi-year project of installing chilled-water heating and cooling systems throughout the corporate campus. These systems provide indoor climate control using water, instead of potentially harmful refrigerants. They are also more energy efficient than traditional systems.
  • As part of a multi-year project begun in 2010, replacement light bulbs will be energy-friendly LED bulbs, including on-campus street lights.
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS). This is a centralized, automated system that controls and adjusts the HVAC system and lighting at the corporate campus based on preset factors. BAS controlled buildings are often referred to as “Intelligent Buildings.”
  • Energy-conserving, motion sensors have been put in place to control lights in common areas such as meeting rooms, restrooms, etc.
  • Actively engaging in electronics recycling. Our partner’s state-of-the-art recycling equipment shreds and separates electronics into their original material of plastics, steel, aluminum, precious metals and glass, and leads the industry in developing and utilizing new uses for these commodities and preventing any electronic waste from entering landfills.
  • Continuously insulating and resealing older buildings on the corporate campus to improve their energy efficiency.
  • Beautification and landscaping goals to:
    - Identify locations where native and drought tolerant plants can be used to fullest extent.
    - Identify current turf areas that can be reduced and replaced with natural growth xeriscaping.

Associate-led Eco Team

Headquarters Associates are engaged and encouraged to actively participate in the company’s Eco Team. Composed of peers, the Team focuses on promoting sustainability initiatives on the corporate campus as well as engaging outside stakeholders. The Team has, for example, played a significant role in setting up a single-source recycling program with a local recycling company to collect waste and reclaim any recyclable portions.

In 2012, the Team worked to create an organic butterfly garden where associates can visit and de-stress. Landscaping for the garden is completely free of herbicides and other harsh chemicals so as not to harm the local butterfly population or environment. The group also educated fellow Associates on the environmental benefits of carpooling and turning off electronics when not in use. Currently, the Team is engaged in an effort to achieve a paperless campus at headquarters.

Protecting our precious Earth

Our global markets take incredible pride in their environmental efforts and strive every day to make a difference and be an example of environmental stewardship.

For example, actions such as the use of solar lamps to save energy, switching to water-free urinals to save water, and changing to natural gas helped earn Fuller Cosmetics in Mexico a Clean Industry Certification from Mexico’s Federal Environmental Protection Agency, PROFEPA (Procuraduria Federal De Protection Al Ambiente). That’s just one piece!


World Water Day, a Global Event
2012 World Water Day Highlights include:

  • Damaged products are recycled into other products, such as baskets and planters (Tupperware Australia/New Zealand)
  • Shipments are now protected by compostable, air-filled pillows (Tupperware Australia/New Zealand) 37% of product shipment boxes were returned to office for recycling (Nuvo Cosmetics Uruguay)
  • Sustainable Paper and reforestation project—for every tree that is cut for the printing of a Tupperware brochure, another one is planted (Tupperware Mexico)
  • Associates volunteered to participate in an environmental sanitation event (Tupperware Venezuela)
  • Support of a women’s marathon (Tupperware India)
  • Use of low VOC inks, in catalogs and brochures, made from sustainable vegetable oils (Tupperware US)
  • Relocated to a building equipped with energy-saving lighting and efficient centralized cooling system (Avroy Shlain Cosmetics South Africa)