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Living Smart

Our Commitment

For more than 70 years, Tupperware Brands has been committed to reducing negative impacts on the environment by providing consumers with reusable, durable and easy-to-use products that help minimize plastic and food waste. Our products and solutions are a direct manifestation of our values. They reflect our commitment to making a measurable impact on the world around us. The responsible nature and extended lifespan our products offer sets us apart from the competition and provides our customers the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact. As we say, our motto is Tupperware for Life.

Product Manufacturing

All our products are manufactured using advanced technology to ensure quality and performance. We have rigorous global quality standards and are committed to complying with the requirements of the governing bodies within the countries in which we operate.

We are committed to making products that are made to last and are consistently tested against applicable protocols with qualified laboratories, all to ensure extended lifecycle of the product.

Through investments in robust research and development, we are able to drive solutions, practices and material choices that are better for our people and the environment.


Product Responsibility

Our priority is to ensure that our products are safe, high quality and designed to last for decades. Tupperware is continually evaluating ways in which the company can further reduce its environmental footprint at all levels – production, distribution, and design.

All newly developed and marketed products go through a rigorous health and safety impact assessment, covering the entire product lifecycle from concept, research and development, to certification and manufacturing.

We ensure suitability and safety of all materials used during our development process, including plastic, metal, glass, and colorants. For our children products, we engage in external lab testing to confirm that our products meet local and International requirement (EU, US, etc.). All assessments are recorded and tracked using our Quality Management System.

Rigorous Quality Standards

At Tupperware, we follow one global set of quality guidelines for our products. We continuously perform testing and checks at each step of the production process to ensure compliance with our standards and confirm we only ship products that adhere to our strict quality guidelines.

Our materials are approved through our central Regulatory and Quality organization after evaluation of their performance and their compliance with the most stringent regulatory requirements. As we want to be able to export any of our products at any time to any market to serve our customers better, our products need to meet the most stringent requirements all the time. As such, we use the same molds, materials and procedures in all production facilities worldwide.

In order to test the quality of finished products, we also use an accelerated aging process to simulate product performance during its entire life. Only those products that meet the high quality standards we are known for will be approved by our worldwide Quality control. This process requires a joint effort from all departments involved to make sure we meet the expectations of our consumers.


Awards and Recognition