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Our Sustainability Approach

Our People, Products, and the Environment are the three areas of focus for our sustainability efforts. Focusing on these pillars will help ensure we have the right tools in place as we look to our future.


We champion diversity in our workforce and expand opportunities for our Sales Force members around the globe. Our business strategies and social investments are aligned to enlighten, educate and empower women and girls and build generations of confident, accomplished women who will sustain the societies around them. We empower our 2.8 million Sales Force members around the globe to provide sustainable solutions that help improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities.

We protect the health and safety of our Associates and act as good stewards of the environment through our environmental, health and safety policies. Our company creates safe conditions for our Associates and our suppliers’ workforce; and beyond that, we are proactive in encouraging and creating a healthy lifestyle choices for our employees through our Global Health Initiative.


Sustainable practices are prevalent in each of our eight brands. At Tupperware®, we are committed to providing safe, innovative, premium-quality reusable products to our consumers. Likewise, our beauty brands focus on delivering scientifically advanced skin care and premium-quality cosmetic products. Our products are manufactured using advanced technology to ensure quality and performance, while always focusing on meeting strict safety standards. Through investments in robust research and development, we are able to drive solutions and practices that are better for the environment in the material usage.


We respect the environment and proactively seek to minimize waste, energy use and greenhouse gases globally across all our manufacturing processes by applying our “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” (3R) resource conservation program.

Tupperware Brands promises to leave a legacy for the next generation that will drive positive change in women’s lives. As we look forward, we are committed to staying focused on delivering high-quality products and preserving the environment around the globe.