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Social Responsibility

We are a leader in driving positive change in women’s lives. Our business strategies and social investment programs align to enlighten, educate, and empower women and girls. We strive to offer educational opportunities that guarantee powerful returns for generations to come. This fosters a legacy of caring for tomorrow’s leaders: our children.

In order to accomplish this, we have established a Tupperware Brands Fund and the W.H.O. Foundation.


Tupperware Brands Fund

The Tupperware Brands Fund helps ensure that resources are properly allocated and available so that our mission, to positively change the lives of women, girls, and their communities around the world, is met. We do this through partnerships with various organizations focused on helping individuals. In 2012, Tupperware Brands Corporation, through its individual markets, Sales Force, and Associates, was able to donate $6.5 million in product, cash, and cause related marketing to help various organizations. It is our belief that we must take care of people today to guarantee a bright tomorrow.

Youth Development through After School Programs

At Tupperware Brands, we believe that in order to ensure a better tomorrow, we must provide positive support and guidance to our children today. We support this belief through a key partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of America. As well as support similar organizations found in our communities outside of the United States.

We have absolute belief and confidence in the work of these organizations. The work they do with the youth in our community works; they provide children with the extra support they need to gain the confidence to prosper and become successful adults.

Tupperware Brands’ Commitment to the Boys & Girls Clubs video

Tupperware Brands’ Workplace Global Impact Awards

Tupperware Brands’ commitment to Global Social Responsibility lives in our markets and communities. This is where we build long-lasting relationships that leverage our resources and optimize our competencies. While we support a variety of organizations and initiatives that directly affect the communities where we live and work, we place special emphasis on issues that impact the future success and well-being of girls and women.

In support of this commitment, we have in place internal Global Impact Awards to recognize markets that embrace community engagement and social investments as integral parts of the success of their business. These awards also recognize the type of leadership that inspires Associates to understand the meaning and importance of being a global neighbor and a stakeholder in the social development of their communities.

The recipients of our internal 2012 Global Impact Awards are passionate advocates for meaningful social change, and vocal proponents for equality, opportunity and empowerment for women, children and families. Their heartfelt, hands-on personal participation in community programs inspire others to follow their lead. They are:

Country of the Year Award
Tupperware Indonesia


Tupperware Indonesia reached all levels of society with their charitable and social investment programs—from elementary school hygiene programs, mobile classroom donations and teacher training—through a robust involvement with a school for abandoned children. This multi-facet program agenda fosters deep connections between Associates, Sales Force Members and peer corporations, and positions Tupperware Indonesia as a leader in corporate social responsibility.

Environmental Stewardship Award
Tupperware Malaysia/Singapore


Tupperware Brands Malaysia/Singapore demonstrates extraordinary leadership in the environmental arena—from active involvement on college campuses—to the successful ECO Living Carnival 2012 which attracted over 10,000 visitors.

Youth Empowerment Award
Tupperware Germany


Tupperware Germany is supporting a non-profit organization that offers workshops designed to prevent dangerous addiction problems among school-aged children across Germany. Their slogan is “We make children strong”.

Sustainable Social Development Award
Nuvo Cosmetics Uruguay


Nuvo Cosmetics partners with Logros Foundation to support organic vegetable garden cultivation in schools in Uruguay. The goal is to instill healthy eating habits, care and appreciation for the environment, and alleviate food shortages.

Cause Marketing Champion Award
Tupperware Russia (CIS)


Tupperware CIS and one of the most famous artists in Russia, Nikas Safronov, joined forces to support Nastenka Foundation, to help children with cancer, through the design of a series of collectable sandwich keepers.

Sales Force Engagement Award
Tupperware Brands Mexico


Tupperware Brands Mexico places the well-being of women and families at the top of its GSR agenda by successfully involving Sales Force members and their children, as well as Associates, to fund solutions to challenging social issues. These include after-school youth development clubs, an emergency crisis hotline for women at risk, and educational opportunities for Sales Force members and their families.

Associates Making a Difference


In 2012, our headquarters Associates generously worked over 6,000 volunteer hours to support a variety of local organizations, including Junior Achievement and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida. In addition, over $800,000 was raised for several local charities, including Heart of Florida United Way and a Gift for Teaching.

In 2012 Tupperware Brands and Associates supported various charitable organizations across the globe with over $6.5 million (USD) in cash, product and marketing efforts:

Other global initiatives included:
Support of Global Health Issues

  • Donations to support the St. Nicholas Home for the Blind®, National Kidney Foundation™ and the Kinabalu Pink Ribbon Association (Tupperware Malaysia)
  • Support the Look Good…Feel Better® program to help women battling cancer manage their appearance during treatment, helping them gain confidence (Avroy Shlain South Africa)
  • Support of the Children’s Cancer Research Institute (Tupperware Austria)
  • A promotion to raise money to aid and further the research of neuroblastoma cancer in children (Tupperware Netherlands)
  • A year-end ‘garage sale’ and other promotions to raise funds to provide treatment and hope to disadvantaged children with congenital heart diseases in developing countries (Tupperware Switzerland)
  • Sponsoring the purchase of a potentially life-saving, diagnostic machine for Associa??o La?o, a breast cancer association in Portugal (Tupperware Portugal and Tupperware Manufacturing, Portugal)
  • Forming a commitment with an organization that provides assistance to the visually impaired and creating accessible versions of their local product catalog for the visually impaired (Tupperware France)
  • The creation of a special breastfeeding-themed mug as part of a campaign to support young mothers in the Amazon region (Tupperware Venezuela)

Disaster Relief Efforts

  • Aiding in the disaster relief, rebuild of a local community center (Tupperware Australia/New Zealand)
  • Through the establishment of the CARE (Calamity Assistance Rehabilitation Efforts) Fund, program assistance was provided to victims of 2 typhoons (Tupperware Philippines)
  • Donating toys to children and pantry items after several extreme climate events (Fuller Cosmetics Mexico)

Support of Women’s and Children’s Causes

  • Partnerships with Literacy India© and World Vision in India (Tupperware India)
  • Donations to local orphanages (NaturCare Japan)
  • Support of a children’s fund (Tupperware Japan)
  • Contributions to local schools through product donations (Australia Diecraft plant)
  • Support of a women’s assistance hotline (Tupperware Italy)
  • Providing kitchen supplies and donations to SOS Children’s Villages in Belgium (Tupperware Belgium)
  • Raising money for the Boys  & Girls Clubs of America through sales force efforts (Tupperware Nordics)
  • Partnerships with UNICEF to support various children’s causes (Tupperware Brazil, Tupperware Colombia, Tupperware Ecuador, NUVO Cosmetics Uruguay, Tupperware Venezuela)
  • Continued support of their locally adopted Boys & Girls Club of America, the Rick and Susan Goings Boys & Girls Club (Tupperware Manufacturing USA)
  • A partnership with a local program, Mujeres Emprendedoras, to work with young teenage girls between 12 and 15 on how to build a life plan that reflects their rights as women and trying to prevent violent situations (Nuvo Cosmetics Uruguay)