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Legal, Tupperware Brands Corporation



Tupperware is aware of how important it is to spend time away from work in order to regroup and refresh. The time away from work policy is one of the best I’ve ever seen. There is also a Wellness Center on campus where you can work-out, or take fitness classes.


There are no strangers here. When you walk down the hall you are greeted warmly with a smile and a “Hello, how are you?”. Associates always introduce themselves to a new face and quickly explain how wonderful it is to work here. Take it from someone who was nervous on her first day, everyone made me feel welcome and a part of the “Tupperware Family.”


Tupperware knows how to party! We work hard, but we also play hard. The company sponsors fun days for the whole family, which I enjoy very much. And let’s not forget about Jubilee! At Jubilee, the associates work hard in order to provide a great experience for our sales force, but they also get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. There’s no party like a Tupperware party and knowing that you’re a part of it makes it so much better.