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California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010

Tupperware Brands Corporation and its subsidiaries are dedicated to conducting our operations in a responsible manner.  This includes promoting a culture of honesty, accountability and mutual respect in all aspects of our business, consistent with the high ethical standards set forth in our Company Code of Conduct (“Company Code”).  We are committed to preventing the occurrence of slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain, and we expect the same commitment from our suppliers.

Tupperware utilizes risk-based assessments when selecting new suppliers, and a supplier’s compliance with law, including laws regarding slavery and human trafficking, are part of this assessment.  Once selected, all of our suppliers are expected to abide by the Tupperware Brands Code of Conduct for Suppliers (“Supplier Code”), which sets out minimum standards for working conditions that are safe and afford workers respect and dignity. The Employment Practices requirements within the Supplier Code provide that our suppliers will not use forced labor in any form, will not use beating or other corporeal punishment, or mental or physical threats, will not employ underage workers, and must comply with local laws regarding wages, benefits, work hours, vacation and overtime.  In addition, our standard form Supply Agreement with our suppliers requires compliance with all applicable laws, which includes those prohibiting slavery and human trafficking.

Tupperware conducts periodic, announced and unannounced audits of suppliers’ premises for compliance with the Supplier Code and supply agreements, both by Tupperware employees and independent third parties.  Any supplier found to be in violation is subject to corrective action including termination of business.

Tupperware trains employees and management on our Company Code.  In addition, all personnel with direct responsibility for supply chain management are trained on our Supplier Code.  These employees are trained to report any suspected violation of applicable law, our Code of Conduct or the Supplier Code to management, directly to our Board of Directors, or anonymously though our confidential hotline.  Any violation of our Company Code by a Tupperware employee may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Tupperware will continue to review its policies and procedures to make sure we have appropriate safeguards in place to protect persons employed in bringing our products to our customers.