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Privacy Policy - Additional Information for Chinese Users

Last Updated: December 17, 2021


[Scope of Application]


This Section only applies to collection and handling of personal information from individuals who interact with Tupperware on this website (hereinafter referred to as "You") in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan).

Tupperware is committed in China to the Personal Information Protection Law of the PRC (PIPL) compliance. Please read this section carefully to understand how you can exercise your rights of access, copy, correction, deletion, etc.; how we store and transfer your personal information; and how to protect minor's personal information.



  1. Your Rights
  2. 您的权利

With respect to how your personal information is handled, you have the following rights. In order to exercise your rights, you may contact us with request in the way specified in the "Contact Us" sub-section of this section:






Right to Access, Copy and Correct


Save as is provided in laws and regulations, you have the right to access and copy of the personal information we hold about you; and you have the right to correction or supplement where there is mistake found in the personal information we collect or store about you.


Right to Delete


You may request to execute your right to delete subject to the following circumstances:

a) if our handling of your personal information violates laws and regulations;

b) the handling purpose has been achieved, is impossible to achieve, or the personal information is no longer necessary to achieve the handling purpose

c) if our handling of personal information is in material breach of our agreement with you;

d) if you no longer use our products or services, or if you proactively close your account;

e) if we permanently terminate the product or service provided to you;


a) 我们对您的个人信息的处理违反了法律和法规;

b) 处理目的已经实现或不可能实现,或者个人信息对实现处理目的不再有必要;

c) 我们对个人信息的处理严重违反了我们与您的约定;

d) 您不再使用我们的产品或服务,或者您主动注销您的账户;

e) 我们永久性地不再向您提供产品或服务。

In particular, with the purpose of security, we may firstly request verification of your identity (e.g., by asking you to provide written information or in other ways); Once you have been authenticated, we will delete your personal information from systems involved in performing daily business functions to keep it unretrievable and inaccessible.


Right to withdraw consent


You may ask us to change the scope of your authorization for us or withdraw consent to collect and handle your personal information; We will no longer handle your personal information we verify your request to withdraw consent. Please understand that since you have done so, we will no longer provide you with the services for which you withdraw your consent or authorization. However, your decision to withdraw your consent will not affect the handling of personal information that we have previously carried out based on your authorization.


Right to Close Tupperware



You have the right to request close your Tupperware account via the way specified in the sub-section of “Contact Us” at the bottom of the section. Save as is provided in laws and regulations, we will delete or anonymize your relevant personal information since you request.


Response to your above requests


With the purpose of security, we may firstly request verification of your identity (e.g., by asking you to provide written information or in other ways) before we handle your request. We will respond to your request within 15 working days of receiving the request and verifying your identity.

Please understand that we may not be able to respond to some of your requests subject to certain requirements in laws and regulations, such as those related to national security, the fulfillment of our legal obligations, or in the case of trade secrets.



  1. How We Share Your Personal Information
  2. 我们如何共享您的个人信息

We may share your personal information in the following situations:


Data share with our Affiliates

We may share your information with one or more of our Affiliates when it is necessary to respond to your inquiry or concerns.



Data share with our Entrusted Service Providers

We may entrust service providers to provide you with certain services or perform functions on our behalf. We will only share your information for the legal, legitimate, necessary, specific and clear purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. Theses entrusted service providers can only access the information they need to perform their duties, and we will require them not to use this information for any other purpose. Our service providers include:

  • data analysis firms
  • customer support services
  • investor relations specialists
  • web hosting companies
  • professional service advisors



  • 数据分析公司
  • 客户服务支持
  • 投资关系专家
  • 网络托管公司
  • 专业服务顾问

Data Transfer for Business Transactions

Where it is necessary to transfer your personal information due to mergers, separations, dissolution, declaration of bankruptcy, and other such reasons, we will notify you about the receiving party’s name and contact method. Besides, we will ask the receiving party to continue to comply with this Privacy Policy and fulfill the duties. If the receiving side changes our original handling purpose or method, they will notify you again and obtain your consent.



  1. How We Store, Cross-border Transfer Your Personal Information
  2. 我们如何存储、跨境传输您的个人信息

Personal Information Retention Period

We will store the personal information we collect about you for the minimal retention period necessary to achieve the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, subject to applicable laws and regulations. If you would like to withdraw your authorized consent, delete your personal information, or close your account, we will delete your personal information subject to requirement in laws and regulations, or anonymize such information as permitted by laws and regulations.



Cross-border Transfer

You understand and agree that since Tupperware is a multinational company, in order to achieve the purpose of providing services to you in this Privacy Policy, we may transfer your personal information outside of China, such as the United States. In order to preserve your privacy rights in this respect, Tupperware will ensure that an appropriate safeguard or another PIPL-approved mechanism is in place before sending personal information of Chinese individuals outside of the China in accordance with Art. 38 of the PIPL.



  1. How We Protect Minor's Personal Information
  2. 我们如何保护未成年人的个人信息

In principle, our products, websites, and services are aimed at adults. Save as we have obtained consent from children’s guardian, we do not collect personal information of minor under the age of 18. If we discover that we have accidentally collected personal information of minor under the age of 18 without prior parental consent, we will delete such information as soon as possible.


  1. Contact Us
  2. 联系我们

In the case that you need to exercise your above rights, or you have any questions or comments, advice or complaints based on this section, or you have other concerns that cannot be addressed from this section, you can contact us by email:, Tupperware China Co., Ltd, Contact number +86 95105848.

如果您需要行使上述权利,或者您有任何问题或意见,对本隐私政策内容有建议或投诉,或者根据本隐私政策仍无法解决您的问题时,您可以通过电子邮件联系我们,特百惠(中国有限公司),联系电话+86 95105

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